5 Mods To Improve Your Engine Performance

For most car enthusiasts, manufacturers leave a lot on the table when they release new cars into the market. The enthusiasts feel that there’s a lot that can be done to improve the car’s performance. Since most car enthusiasts are DIY guys, they don’t shy off making the necessary mods to improve their car’s power and fuel-efficiency. If you are among this club who likes to get the most out of their car, below are 5 mods you can make to improve your engine performance

Install a supercharger

The function of a supercharger is to pressurize air intake, leading to more air getting into the engine. As more air is forced into the combustion chamber, it creates space for more fuel as well, leading to larger combustion and more power. A supercharger will make a normal sized engine behave like a much larger and more powerful engine.

Aftermarket air filters

Aftermarket air filters allow more air to flow into the engine and do a better job of keeping out impurities and contaminants as compared to the standard air filters. This increases your engine’s efficiency and life.

KN Performance air filter installed

Install a cold air intake kit

Believe it or not, the efficiency of your engine is affected by the temperature of air that goes into it. A cold air intake kit feeds cool air into the engine, leading to better engine efficiency and higher performance. This is based on the principle that cold air is denser and therefore contains more oxygen, which is necessary for combustion within the engine.

Performance chips

Most late-model cars have an onboard computer that controls and regulates many functions, including things like timing, ABS and the fuel-to-air ratio. By installing a performance chip, you can override the onboard computer’s factory settings and set new parameters that can improve the performance and efficiency of your engine.

Cut the weight

The lighter your car is, the faster it will be. In addition, weight has an impact on other things like braking distance, handling and mileage. A simple thing you can do to reduce your car’s weight is to ensure that you don’t keep unnecessary stuff in your backseat and trunk. This stuff can easily add up and cause significant effects on your car’s performance.

4 Common Misconceptions About Using Eibach Springs To Lower Your Car

Eibach is one of the most popular brands of lowering springs in the market, with a proven track record for performance, appearance and safety. Despite all these benefits, some drivers are a bit skeptical about fitting the Eibach springs on their rides, mainly due to some misconceptions about the performance and use of the lowering springs. Below are some of the most common misconceptions that stand in the way and keep drivers from using Eibach springs to lower your car.

Misconception 1: I can’t use OEM shocks with Eibach lowering springs

Many drivers think that by installing the Eibach lowering springs, they would have to get a set of aftermarket shocks as well. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Eibach springs are actually designed to be used together with the vehicle’s factory shocks. This is true for most other lowering springs that have a mild lowering range of about an inch or less.

Misconception 2: You will need to buy an expensive lowering kit after you install Eibach lowering springs

According to Eibach, most vehicles do not need any realigning after the installation of their lowering springs, provided the car has been lowered about an inch or less. However, for more extreme lowering, you might need to have your car realigned.

Misconception 3: Installing Eibach springs will have a negative impact on your car’s ride quality

Eibach designs their lowering springs to maintain a suspension travel distance that is as close as possible to that of the original suspension. On top of that, the Eibach springs have a 15% higher spring rate, which helps them not only preserve but improve your vehicle’s ride quality.

Misconception 4: The springs will sag and make the car impractically low

Eibach springs are fully pre-compressed and tested before shipping to ensure that they do not sag. On top of that, they are covered by Eibach’s warranty for the first one million miles.

The best place to buy Eibach springs in the UK might be Extreme-Carstyling. Originally, this company is from The Netherlands, but due to success in home country they were able to expand to the UK. They are known for their competitive pricing.

Things To Keep In Mind When Upgrading to Bilstein Shocks

If you are looking to improve the performance of your truck’s or SUV’s suspension, perhaps you have considered installing a set of Bilstein shocks on your vehicle. These vehicles place greater demand on the suspension system’s damping ability, owing to their larger load carrying capacity, greater overall weight and larger tires. Bilstein shocks are designed with superior damping ability, making them ideal for such vehicles. If you decide to upgrade to Bilstein shocks for your SUV or truck, there are a few things you need to keep in mind.

If you are replacing another shock absorber brand, it’s good to note that you should install the Bilstein shocks as a set. Replacing only one shock absorber is not recommendable since it might have undesirable effects on your vehicle’s handling. The installation of Bilstein shocks also requires some special tools and expert knowledge, therefore it is best to have a qualified suspension specialist do the installation for you. However, if you have the special tools and know your way around shock absorbers, struts and cartridges, you can do the installation yourself and save yourself a few hundred dollars.

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For those doing the installation themselves, one of the most common questions is whether it matters which side of the shocks is facing up. This is because Bilstein shocks have the similar sized mounting eyes on each end. While majority of Bilstein shocks are meant to be mounted with the boot side up, there are some that have the boot side on the bottom. To determine how you should install your specific shock absorber, Bilstein advices that you should mount it such that the logo is always upright.

Another thing you need to keep in mind is that after installing the Bilstein shocks, you should check the suspension caster and camber to ensure that they are in compliance with the manufacturer’s specifications. You should also check the ABS, the load dependent brake compensator and the headlight aim.

AP Suspension Installation Guidelines

Made by KW, AP suspension provide a cost effective and high quality solution for lowering your car and improving its handling. Once you buy your AP coilovers, you can easily have them fitted by your mech. However, if you are a DIY yourself guy (like me) who likes working on their car by themselves and saving a few hundred dollars in the process, you can easily install the AP suspension kit by yourself at home. If you decide to go down this route, here are a few guidelines on how to install the AP suspension kit.

  1. With some other brands, the first step is usually to install the springs and set the preload. Fortunately, the AP coilovers come fully assembled, therefore you don’t have to worry about this step.
  2. Suspend the chassis on jack stands and remove the existing coilovers. Using grade 8 nuts, bolts and lock washers, install the AP coilovers. Once the coilovers are properly installed and bolted, slowly lower the weight of the car onto them.
  3. Check the settlement of the AP suspension kit in relation to your desired ride height. If the car doesn’t sit at your desired ride height, adjust the height of the AP suspension kit, either lowering or raising it to your desired ride height.
  4. Once you have adjusted the AP coilovers to your desired height, it’s now time for an initial test drive. Drive your vehicle (preferably on a deserted road) and get an initial feel of the new AP suspension kit. Drive your vehicle hard, accelerating quickly, making abrupt stops and cornering fast to feel how it handles under these circumstances.
  5. After the test drive, adjust your coilovers depending on the handling of your car. It’s good to note that immediately after installing the coilovers, the suspension might feel a little stiff. However, this will improve after the first few hundred miles.