For most car enthusiasts, manufacturers leave a lot on the table when they release new cars into the market. The enthusiasts feel that there’s a lot that can be done to improve the car’s performance. Since most car enthusiasts are DIY guys, they don’t shy off making the necessary mods to improve their car’s power and fuel-efficiency. If you are among this club who likes to get the most out of their car, below are 5 mods you can make to improve your engine performance

Install a supercharger

The function of a supercharger is to pressurize air intake, leading to more air getting into the engine. As more air is forced into the combustion chamber, it creates space for more fuel as well, leading to larger combustion and more power. A supercharger will make a normal sized engine behave like a much larger and more powerful engine.

Aftermarket air filters

Aftermarket air filters allow more air to flow into the engine and do a better job of keeping out impurities and contaminants as compared to the standard air filters. This increases your engine’s efficiency and life.

KN Performance air filter installed

Install a cold air intake kit

Believe it or not, the efficiency of your engine is affected by the temperature of air that goes into it. A cold air intake kit feeds cool air into the engine, leading to better engine efficiency and higher performance. This is based on the principle that cold air is denser and therefore contains more oxygen, which is necessary for combustion within the engine.

Performance chips

Most late-model cars have an onboard computer that controls and regulates many functions, including things like timing, ABS and the fuel-to-air ratio. By installing a performance chip, you can override the onboard computer’s factory settings and set new parameters that can improve the performance and efficiency of your engine.

Cut the weight

The lighter your car is, the faster it will be. In addition, weight has an impact on other things like braking distance, handling and mileage. A simple thing you can do to reduce your car’s weight is to ensure that you don’t keep unnecessary stuff in your backseat and trunk. This stuff can easily add up and cause significant effects on your car’s performance.