Made by KW, AP suspension provide a cost effective and high quality solution for lowering your car and improving its handling. Once you buy your AP coilovers, you can easily have them fitted by your mech. However, if you are a DIY yourself guy (like me) who likes working on their car by themselves and saving a few hundred dollars in the process, you can easily install the AP suspension kit by yourself at home. If you decide to go down this route, here are a few guidelines on how to install the AP suspension kit.

  1. With some other brands, the first step is usually to install the springs and set the preload. Fortunately, the AP coilovers come fully assembled, therefore you don’t have to worry about this step.
  2. Suspend the chassis on jack stands and remove the existing coilovers. Using grade 8 nuts, bolts and lock washers, install the AP coilovers. Once the coilovers are properly installed and bolted, slowly lower the weight of the car onto them.
  3. Check the settlement of the AP suspension kit in relation to your desired ride height. If the car doesn’t sit at your desired ride height, adjust the height of the AP suspension kit, either lowering or raising it to your desired ride height.
  4. Once you have adjusted the AP coilovers to your desired height, it’s now time for an initial test drive. Drive your vehicle (preferably on a deserted road) and get an initial feel of the new AP suspension kit. Drive your vehicle hard, accelerating quickly, making abrupt stops and cornering fast to feel how it handles under these circumstances.
  5. After the test drive, adjust your coilovers depending on the handling of your car. It’s good to note that immediately after installing the coilovers, the suspension might feel a little stiff. However, this will improve after the first few hundred miles.